How to Access various programs

Progress Book - Parent Access
Progress Book Parent Access allows you follow your child's academic progress throughout the school year.  If you need an account set-up or have an account but have forgotten the set-up information, please contact the IT Department at 614-834-6725.

Instant Connect - Account Access
Bloom-Carroll Local School District uses a service called “Instant Connect” to rapidly notify parents/guardians in the event of a school delay or closing and to relay pertinent information. Student phone number(s) and email addresses are updated daily based on the data within our student information system. If your phone number or email address changes, please log into your Final Forms account and update each child's record, so that your child’s student record can be updated. 

Accelerated Reader - Home Connect
With AR Home Connect, you can login with your child's AR login and view their progress. This link WILL NOT allow the taking of tests. If you are unsure of your child's AR login, please contact the building secretary or AR Coordinator for each building.


Classlink allows students to log into a portal where all of their school applications including email, Schoology, Pearson EasyBridge, Houghton Mifflin, and many others can be accessed with a single click of the mouse.  For students to access their portal in Classlink, visit our website at anc click on Bulldog Portal, Bulldog Resources.  From there click on the Sign In With ADFS link.  Students will be prompted to enter a username and password.  Students will need to enter bc\ in front of their computer username.  These usernames are in the form of the following:
K-2: student ID, and bc+student ID for password
3-12: first name.last name+last two digits of graduation year and bc+student ID for password
The first time students log into this site they will be prompted to verify their password.  This step must be completed in order for the applications to open correctly.  Failure to complete this step can result in applications failing to load. 
Users will be prompted to install an extension on their home computers.  This extension allows Classlink to communicate with our servers, helping to ensure a successful user experience.  Users can also download an app to their mobile devices by visiting your devices app store and searching for Classlink.  This application is available on both the iOS and Android platform.  

Student ProgressBook Access

Students can access their ProgressBook account directly through their Classlink Portal. The first time students click on the ProgressBook icon they will be prompted to enter their Google password and click save. After this initial set up, students will click on the ProgressBook icon and they will automatically be logged in.

If a student changes their Google password, they will need to update it in the ProgressBook app on their Classlink dashboard. Students should right click on the icon and choose edit password.  Enter the new password and click save. The new password will now be used to log them into ProgressBook.  

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