One-to-One Chromebook Program

One-to-One Chromebook Program

1:1 Chromebook Program details

Over the past few years Bloom-Carroll Local School District has made a commitment to improving our technology infrastructure and access to technology for our students and staff in a fiscally responsible manner.  As a district, we have reached a point in which the number of devices – Chromebooks – is very close to our current enrollment and the infrastructure, including Wi-Fi access points and bandwidth, is in place to support our users.  As each year passes, more curriculum developers continue to deliver resources electronically.  To add to this, our experience throughout the pandemic has reminded us how vulnerable our schools are to being shut down by state or possibly local health officials.   It is unclear what the future holds and whether or not students will be learning in-person, online, or through a hybrid model.  Student achievement is one of our highest priorities and access to technology resources is drastically impacted by the socio-economic status of our students.  Through responsible strategic planning, we are in a position to help reduce the achievement gap by providing students with a device to access important instructional resources outside of the traditional school day.

All students in grades 6-12 will be issued a school Chromebook at the start of school year.  The Chromebook is similar to a textbook.  Students are responsible for the device and should take it home and bring it to school fully charged each day.  The device will be returned at the end of each school year.  It is important to note that we remain committed to the importance of fostering critical-thinking, creativity, cooperation, and communication skills in our students. The implementation of a 1:1 program at BCLSD does not mean students will only learn from a computer.  There will always continue to be engaging and interactive instruction delivered by our teachers; however, our students will now have access to important instructional content beyond our classroom walls.  Over the past two years, we have gathered staff input and there is overwhelming support to institute such a program.   This is not a cutting-edge concept.   Most school districts have implemented 1:1 programs at some level. Through careful planning, we are confident in our ability to sustain such a program long term, affording our students an opportunity to take their learning outside the traditional walls of a school building, opening the doors for numerous educational possibilities.

Shawn Haughn

1:1 Chromebook FAQ's

What happens if the Chromebook is broken or damaged?
Students are expected to keep the devices in good working condition. Failure to do so may result in charges for repair or replacement. Students are expected to report any damage to their device as soon as possible to the media center or other designated area. This means no later than the next school day. The district will repair or replace damaged equipment resulting from normal use at no cost to the student/parent if you have purchased an insurance plan. Students will receive a “loaner” Chromebook while their device is being repaired. These loaner devices are on a first come first serve basis and must be returned at the end of each school day.
Who is responsible for the cost of repairs?
The parent/guardian/student are responsible for the entire cost of repairs or replacement to computing devices damaged through student misuse, neglect, intentional damage or loss. In case of theft, an official police report will be required. Families who purchase the optional insurance will be covered for accidental damage. See Chromebook Damage/Loss Protection Program for more details.
What if my child loses his/her Chromebook?
Families without insurance will be charged the full price of $225.00 to replace their lost Chromebook and will not receive the new Chromebook until their fee is paid in full. Families who have purchased the insurance plan will need to pay the deductible of $100.00 to replace a lost Chromebook and will lose their insurance for the remainder of the school year.
What if my child forgets to bring his/her Chromebook to school?
This will be handled in a similar fashion as if a child forgot to bring other school supplies to school. The teacher will attempt to provide a paper/pencil option, however, this may not always be possible. Loaner Chromebooks will be reserved first for students with Chromebooks that are being repaired and not for students who forgot to bring them to school.
How is my student supposed to do work if we don’t have wireless Internet at home?
Chromebooks have the ability to work offline (not connected to the Internet). Users can download files for use offline, then sync them once they are back online.
Students may also take their devices to the public library or other locations with free public Wifi.
Who can my child contact if he/she needs technical help with the device?
During school hours, the district will maintain a help desk. Students can take their device to the help desk for troubleshooting, support and/or repair. This help desk is located in the IT department.
Can I opt my child out of bringing the device home every day?
Only under certain circumstances can students leave their devices in designated areas on campus. These devices are designed for students to do school work after the normal school day and should be taken home each evening. Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks fully charged to school every day.
Can students use their personal devices instead of the school-issued Chromebook?
No. All students will be issued a school Chromebook and are expected to have it at school every day. These may be programs provided by the school that students will need for classes that may not be on personal devices. Personal devices also will not be supported by the district technology department. Personal devices may not perform the same way school issued Chromebooks perform.
Are there accessories that can help my student use the Chromebook?
Some student might find the use of a mouse beneficial over the use of the device touchpad. Earbuds or other headphone devices may also be useful, but these accessories will not be provided by the district. Parents may opt to purchase a case for the device. Cases may be purchased from the district’s IT department.
Am I required to purchase insurance for my child’s Chromebook?
Purchasing insurance is voluntary. If the parent/guardian elects to participate in the voluntary Chromebook loss/damage protection the first 2 incidences of accidental damage or vandalism repairs will be done at no cost to the student/parent. All other breakages such, as through user negligence will be the responsibility of the student/parent to pay for. Lost/damaged power cords/chargers are not included in the insurance plan and are $28.00 for replacements.
Can my child personalize the device or case?
School appropriate labels, stickers, or personalization may only be placed on the top case. These items may not be placed directly on the Chromebooks or the power cord/charger. The bottom case must remain clear with the sticker of the district’s asset tag on it. This asset tag must not be removed.
How can I provide Internet filtering at home?
All Chromebooks will be filtered by the district content filtering system even when they are off Bloom-Carroll campus.
Will parents have access to student accounts and passwords?
Parents can access accounts through the child’s username and password. The technology department can reset a student password.
Can the device be shared with family for personal or other educational use?
Only users with a Bloom-Carroll account will be able to log into the device. Because of this, a 4th grade sibling can log into a 7th graders Chromebook using their school issued account. Adults will only be able to use the device if they are logged into their child’s account. Chromebooks will be monitored by Bloom-Carroll software for inappropriate use both at home and at school. Students allowing others to use their Chromebook will be held responsible for any misuse or damage that may occur, therefore, while it is possible for others to log into the students Chromebook, it is highly discouraged. The Chromebook is the sole responsibility of the person to whom it is loaned.
What happens at the end of the school year with the Chromebooks?
Devices will be turned in and inventoried at the end of each school year.
Will students still use textbooks?
Yes, but we will also take advantage of digital content, both district owned and free.
Can the student install apps on their device?
We will provide students with the apps they will need, but other apps may be added as long as they are pre-approved by the district. Some apps may be blocked during school hours.
Will students get any training on how to use the Chromebook?
Students will receive device-related training at school during the first weeks of instruction and learn how to be responsible digital citizens.
What if the battery dies during class?
Students are responsible for keeping the device’s battery charged for each school day. Teachers will expect students to be fully ready to complete any online assignment in class. Coming to class without a fully charged Chromebook is the same as not having your textbook, pencil or paper. They will miss out on learning.
Will the student keep the Chromebooks over breaks?
Yes, with the exception of summer break. The Chromebooks will be collected each year before the students leave for summer and will be returned for the start of the next school year.
Does my student receive the same Chromebook each year?
Yes, students will be assigned the same device each year. Students are expected to care for and protect the devices they are issued.
Will the student’s be able to print?
Yes, students will be able to print while on campus. Students will also be able to add home printers to the devices.
What happens if my student loses or damages the charger?
The student will be charged for a replacement.  This is not covered by insurance. Replacing the power supply/cord is $28.00
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