Calamity Day Assignments

Calamity Day Assignments

Calamity Day Information

Bloom-Carroll Local Schools may determine it is appropriate to close or delay school start times based on inclement weather or other reasons.  These decisions are made for the safety of our students.  This page provides the information you need to learn about and be prepared for such closings or delays.  
Student should begin to work on calamity day make-up assignments or “Blizzard Bags,” which are paper copies of make-up assignments, on the 3rd, 5th and 8th  calamity day.
Assignments should be submitted to the teacher within 14 days.  If students do not have internet access, they are provided two weeks from the date of the reopening of school.
State law allows school districts to use calamity day make-up assignments/Blizzard Bags for up to the equivalent number of hours for three school days.  The school hours missed do not count against the total number of hours required by law when make-up assignments/Blizzard Bags are utilized. 

What is a calamity day?

A calamity day is any day in which a school cancels instruction for any of the following reasons. 

Hazardous weather conditions

  • Information on road conditions from transportation staff, law enforcement and road crews. The district gives careful consideration to the most dangerous roads in the district. They can be treacherous, even if your road looks clear.
  • Accumulated ice and snow.
  • Temperature and wind chill.
  • Impact on transportation services.
  • Weather predictions (including those from a weather alert service
  • Building conditions (e.g. electricy, heat, water)

Other Conditions 

  • Disease epidemic
  • Inoperability of school buses or equipment necessary to the school's operation
  • Damage to a school building
  • Temporary utility failure rendering the building unsuitable for school use

How Are Closings and Delays Announced?

  • Phone, Text and Email Alerts:  Bloom-Carroll Local School District will announce emergency closings and delay information through pre-recorded telephone calls, text messages and email to current parents/guardians information on file with the district. It is important to keep student contact information current by logging into your Final Forms account and updating your contact information. 
  • District website and social media 
  • Television and Radio Stations  Bloom-Carroll Local School District shares all school delay and closing information with local television and radio stations.  However, we recommend parents and students confirm any closure information received from media outlets on the district's social media sites or website.  

Two-Hour Delay Start Times

  • High School: 9:30
  • Middle School: 9:30
  • Elementary School: 11:00 

Who Makes the Decision 

The superintendent makes the final decision, based on various factors and recommendations. Bloom-Carroll Local School District is a geographically diverse district. Weather and road conditions may be fine in one portion of the district, but not in an other. In such instances, we must close school or modify the school day for the entire district. 
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