Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

7:22Release Bell to Class
7:30-8:111st Period
8:15-8:572nd Period
9:01-9:423rd Period
9:46-10:274th Period
10:31-11:125th Period  Lunch 6th
11:16-11:576th Period  Lunch 7th
12:01-12:427th Period  Lunch 8th
12:46-1:268th Period
1:30-2:109th Period

One-Hour Delay Bell Schedule

8:22Release Bell to Class
8:30-9:041st Period
9:08-9:442nd Period
9:48-10:223rd Period
10:26-11:004th Period
11:04-11:385th Period
11:42-12:166th Period
12:20-12:547th Period
12:58-1:328th Period
1:36-2:109th Period

Two-Hour Delay Bell Schedule

9:22Release Bell to Class 
9:30-9:56 1st Period 
10:00-10:28 2nd Period 
10:32-10:58 3rd Period 
11:02-11:28 4th Period 
11:32-12:02 5th Period 
12:06-12:36 6th Period 
12:40-1:10 7th Period
1:14-1:40 8th Period 
1:44-2:10 9th Period 

One-Hour Early Dismissal

7:22Release Bell to Class
7:30-8:041st Period
8:08-8:442nd Period
8:48-9:223rd Period
9:26-10:004th period
10:04-10:385th Period
10:42-11:166th Period
11:20-11:547th Period
11:58-12:328th Period
12:36-1:109th Period

Two-Hour Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

7:22Release Bell to Class
7:30-7:561st Period
8:00-8:282nd Period
8:32-8:583rd Period
9:02-9:284th Period
9:32-10:025th Period
10:06-10:366th Period
10:40-11:107th Period
11:14-11:408th Period
11:44-12:109th Period
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