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The mission of the Bloom-Carroll School District is to provide each student an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of intellectual, personal, social and vocational development. The knowledge, skills and attitudes which students acquire, develop and utilize in school will lead to being prepared to assume and accept the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. In addition, these traits will facilitate the student’s lifelong journey toward personal fulfillment.

We Believe:
  1. All students can and are expected to learn.
  2. Learning is a lifelong process in which students are most successful when they, their families, the community and school personnel are committed and actively involved.
  3. The schools’ primary responsibility is to design and implement programming using varied teaching techniques that provide for each student the daily experiences necessary for individual learning and growth.
  4. A vigorously challenging educational environment is vital to the well being of society.
  5. Integrity and character are essential attributes in an individual's development and should be modeled by school personnel and parents and reinforced in the school environment.
  6. Self-respect and mutual respect are necessary for individuals to live in harmony in our society.
  7. Education flourishes in an environment where personal discipline, trust, mutual respect, and civility are expected.
  8. Individuals must be responsible for their own actions.
  9. Students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively resist self-destructive behaviors.
  10. Participation in extracurricular activities should be encouraged by offering a wide variety of opportunities for involvement.
  11. Schools are a leading indicator of a communities health and vitality.
  12. Schools should demonstrate and communicate fiscal responsibility.
  13. Planning is essential for efficient use of resources and for a curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the students and the community.
While schools are a reflection of society, we feel that all schools, and in particular the Bloom-Carroll Local School District, should be an assertive, proactive and positive force in our community and society at large.

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