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Posted 2/22/18  

Dear BCLSD Residents & Families:

As you may have heard, we will be placing a levy on the May 2018 ballot.  The single ballot issue includes a bond issue to complete Phase I of our Facilities Plan - including a new K-5 elementary school - and a Permanent Improvement levy to maintain our facilities.  We want to ensure that our community has the facts and is as well informed as possible.  This special report outlines the plan in detail and provides information about the May 2018 ballot issue.

Our Board of Education and administration have worked with our community and government entities over the past several years to present our community with a viable and fiscally responsible plan to address our students’ needs.  We have developed a long-term facilities master plan to address our lack of classroom space, student safety issues, aging classroom trailers, failing infrastructure, and facilities accessibility issues in an efficient and strategic manner.  

Our buildings have served our school district community well; however, we have outgrown both elementary schools and our students lack safe and appropriate 21st century learning spaces.  Sixteen (16) trailer classrooms, totaling 12,288 square feet, serve as K-4 classroom – that is nearly 50% of our K-4 classrooms.  The current approach, and available resources, is not a long-term solution to the needs of our students. 

We have decades of being a historically proud and strong school district.  If our desire is to continue to have high expectations for students and their safety, then we must consider the impacts of a safe and new elementary school on our students’ futures.  We must decide what type of school district community we are going to be moving forward.

I invite you to visit our facilities and ballot issue information page at www.bloom-carroll.k12.oh.us/masterfacilitiesandballotissue.aspx to learn more about our students’ needs by viewing pictures, videos, and frequently asked questions.


Shawn P. Haughn



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