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Pre-engineering II

Mrs. Ford’s 8th grade Pre-Engineering class received a grant to participate in the Space Club STEM program.  Space Club is a STEM program where students complete space-themed engineering design challenges, learn from NASA professionals, and connect with other Space Club schools, and win prizes! 

What is STEM? 

STEM is an approach to education that transforms learning into an exciting world of curiosity, problem solving, and innovation. Students apply the engineering design process to solve a problem. They must also closely follow any engineering design constraints placed on the problem.

Through each Space Club mission, students will: 

  • Learn about an engineering problem they need to solve. 

  • Gather materials and brainstorm ideas. 

  • Draw a design idea. 

  • Build and test their device. 

  • Share their final design.

1st semester Pre-Engineering II students successfully built lunar bases. 

Students participated for 8 weeks, answering questions in the Goosechase app, applying the engineering design process, submitting questions to NASA professionals during online career chats, and working as a team to solve problems. This hard work earned points and made BCMS students eligible for a prize drawing. 

BCMS Pre-Engineering II students won a class set of rockets that we will build and launch in the Spring of 2021.