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BCHS Virtual Classroom Expectations

The following expectations are reminders to help support the virtual classroom model of instruction for BCHS students. We are requesting students think responsibly and act respectfully while participating with their peers and teachers in their Virtual Classrooms-please follow all school rules and policies. 

Basic Rules: 

• Identify a suitable & appropriate workspace to work

• Log or dial in 3-5 minutes before the virtual classroom session begins 

• Be respectful

• Listen actively 

• Actively participate 

• Complete and submit assignments 

• Dress appropriately 

Student Responsibilities:

• Log in daily or assigned meeting times 

• Ask/Answer questions 

• Take turns participating daily in classroom discussions 

• Complete packets and turn in work on time 

• Work independently or in groups (when assigned)

• Be an active member of the virtual classrooms

Unacceptable Behavior: 

• Vulgarity (no cursing, vulgar language, or inappropriate gestures, memes) 

• Negative feedback on other’s work and /or comments 

• Posting negativity, harass others in chats 

• Unacceptable noises in background- loud music, noisy pets 

General Housekeeping Reminders: 

• Minimize background noise by turning off the TV and radio 

• Stay Focused!  & avoid multitasking during class! 

• Mute your microphones until it is your turn to speak.