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Orange Status Level Information


We again want to thank all students and families for their support, understanding and flexibility as students in grades 9-12 transition into our remote learning plan and Orange status level for teaching and learning.   Although instruction will be delivered virtually and completed online, our teachers will continue to provide the best possible learning environment for all students.   


Please see below several important informational items:


  1. Students are expected to attend virtually their regular class schedule, following our current bell schedule daily (see attached)-students do not need to virtually attend lunch or study hall.  Teachers will be providing daily learning activities with instructional support and assessments through a provided virtual platform (Google Meet or Zoom).


  1. Each teacher will monitor daily period attendance.  Student work cannot be made up for any unexcused absences.  If a student is unable to attend their daily virtual classes, parents or guardians are required to call the attendance office at 740-756-4317 no later than 7:50 am to report their student’s medical or non-medically excused absence for that day.


  1. All teachers will communicate via email with their students and provide remote learning classroom expectations.  Please communicate any concerns or issues with your classroom teachers.


  1. High School students or parents may pick up lunches at the high school cafeteria on Thursday, December 10th and Monday, December 14th between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.  Please use this link to complete your remote meal request.    Contact Marilyn Enyart, Director of Food Service, at 614-834-6751 or [email protected] with questions.


  1. As a 1:1 Chromebook school, students are expected to complete their virtual learning using their school-issued device.  If you have any Chromebook or technology questions, please contact Director of Technology Mark Thomas: [email protected]


  1. Remote/virtual instruction will begin for grades 9-12 high school students on Friday, December 11th and will continue the week of December 14th


  1. High school extra-curricular activities will continue for those individuals or teams not impacted by quarantines during this time period.  We will continue to evaluate this on a daily basis.


Winter break is scheduled for December 19th – January 3rd.  During this time, we will continue to monitor the impact of community cases and school cases on our students.  We will make a decision about the future status of the high school on or by December 30th.  

We truly appreciate the support that has been given to our students and staff during this difficult time.

Nathan Conrad, Principal
Jan Wisecarver, Vice Principal