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Random Acts of Kindness

It has become a tradition each year for students in 7th grade ELA classes to complete a kindness project as part of their requirements for their novel study on the book Brian’s Song, Click on the link below to see the impressive list along with a few photos of some of this year’s projects from Mrs. Tallirico and Mrs. Conrad’s class.  

This year’s theme and kindness projects included the following: 

  • Painted pictures and delivered them as gifts to residents at a local nursing home

  • Painted rocks with kind messages and hid them around the community

  • Gave athletes at our school a water bottle with a paw print and filled it with candy

  • Placed American flags (and replaced broken flags) on fallen Veterans’ graves at a local cemetery. Saved one flag for his grandfather who passed away during war. 

  • Surprised a mom by writing the lyrics and piano chords to a song for her and performed it for her mother

  • Volunteered at a local animal shelter

  • Built a neighborhood book box (where people take and donate books)

  • Developed a sportsmanship award for BC, and shared the idea to Mr. Haughn, school administrators, and school board members

  • Worked with family and a local church to deliver food from Buffalo Wild Wings to local hospital workers

  • Made goody bags for previous teachers to thank them for where she is today

  • Wrote teachers notes of gratitude, and delivered them in person, or put them in their mailboxes

  • Purchased masks to pass out to classmates and teachers

  • Put together and delivered bags of necessities for homeless people

  • Purchased materials and surprised his dad by working on his vehicle

  • Completed various household chores for parents, elderly neighbors, etc.

  • Built something made of wood for a grandfather (a lap tray to set his computer on)

  • Made a compliment box. Students filled out compliments, and then delivered them each day during Intervention. This occurred over 2 weeks.

  • Snowflake Project: Students made snowflakes and delivered them to Children’s Hospital to hang in the windows

  • Wrote letters; Put together bags with candy and a mask and delivered them to elementary school teachers to show them that they haven’t forgotten everything they did for them. 

  • Designed and hung posters with positive messages around the school

  • Made a candy and popcorn basket for Mr. Young’s 50th birthday

  • Created a social justice chatroom/platform promoting acceptance and equality

  • Made and delivered Christmas cards (“Cards for Seniors”) and sent them to strangers at local nursing homes

  • Put kind messages on 5th graders’ desks before school

  • Helped with a house renovation for a family friend

  • Delivered care baskets with masks, sanitizer, and other items to a couple people in their neighborhood (someone with cancer, and someone with COVID)

  • Made goodie bags for first responders and nurses and delivered to Fairfield Medical Center

  • Volunteered at the Fairfield County Humane Society and dropped off items for the shelter

  • Created a thank you basket for Officer Bennington with a handwritten thank you note for helping keep our school safe

Thank you to Mrs. Tallirico and Mrs. Conrad for inspiring our students and promoting random acts of kindness in our district.