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New Visitor Management System
The BCLSD will launch a new and enhanced visitor check-in system, called SchoolSafeID, for the 2023-2024 school year.  SchoolSafeID will strengthen our school check-in process for all visitors and better ensure the safety of all students.  SchoolSafeID will be managed through a kiosk housed in each school’s main office.  A touch screen will guide visitors through the check-in process.  All visitors will be required to present a state-issued ID to obtain a visitor pass.  The name and date of birth on driver’s license will be compared to the national database of registered sex offenders. 

Additional technology available through the system includes issuing digital victor passes for people who are in a school on a regular basis and who have already been cleared.  The “digital passes” will be kept on the person’s phone and scanned at the kiosk.  SchoolSafeID Visitor Management System was purchased with funds from the Ohio School Safety Grant.