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Virtual Learning Academy Information
We know most students do better when they are instructed in-person by teachers; however, we will have a comprehensive K-12 virtual curriculum option available for medically vulnerable students or those with special circumstances. Online learning cannot fully replicate the learning experience found with in-person instruction. 
Please consider all pros and cons in your decision.

It is expected that families pursuing this option commit to a minimum of a grading period (9 weeks) for online/home-bound learning and should not fluctuate back-and-forth between in-person and online learning.


  1. What are the expectations for students and parents that select the VLA curriculum option for 2020-2021?

    1. The district has created a guidance document defining the expectations for both the parents and the students of VLA.  Click here to read the guidance document on expectations.

  2. If I sign my child up for VLA, will he/she still be a Bloom-Carroll student? 

    1. Yes, your child will remain a student of BC. All students enrolled in VLA will still be included on the regular K-4 class roster or middle school or high school class schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. 

  3. What is the timeline to apply?

    1. August 19, 2020

  4. Does this apply to all grade levels? 

    1. Yes.  Any student in grades K-12 may apply for VLA.

  5. Can we opt back into the classroom instruction at any time? If so, what is the process?

    1. Yes. The parents must notify in writing the principal of the building your child would attend prior to the end of the nine weeks to activate any change in educational options. 

  6. How and when will my student access the content/courses?

    1. Students will access their curriculum through the ProgressBook portal.

    2. The Virtual Learning Academy will follow the regular school calendar.  Same start and end dates, as well as holidays. 

  7. What will my child’s schedule look like and who are the teachers? 

    1. Your child will follow the regular school-issued class schedule. 

    2. Some BC specials or elective classes may not be available through VLA; however, all core academic classes are offered and will be required. 

    3. VLA is a student-led learning environment.  As addressed in the VLA Parent/Student Expectations, students have access to their teacher; however, the teacher’s first responsibility is to supervise and instruct students attending in-person.  BC teachers will monitor and respond to questions from VLA students as their schedules permit. 

  8. How do students and parents contact teachers of the courses?

    1. Email is the preferred method.

    2. Students and parents will still receive group communication from the BC teachers through various apps (DoJo, Remind, etc.) 

  9. How will attendance be determined?

    1. Students will be expected to log in on days when the district is in session and make progress on assignments. 

  10.  How will parents check student's progress/grades?

    1. Parents will be able to log in to ProgressBook to check on assignments and grades.  It will be the same process as those student’s receiving in-person instruction. 

    2. Students in VLA will receive a district issued grade card.

  11. Will the BCLSD Grading Policy be used for VLA courses?

    1. Yes, the same grading scales will be used for in-person and VLA instruction.

  12. Can VLA students still participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities?

    1. Yes.  Students enrolled in VLA may attend after school sports, band, club activities, homecoming, open houses, etc..

  13. Are there school fees or textbook resources that I would need to purchase?

    1. There are no specific fees or costs for VLA.  However, the BCLSD fees still apply to VLA students as they have access to all BC materials. School fees include course specific materials at the MS and HS but can also include a technology fee, student planner/agenda, science supplies, art supplies, calculator. VLA students may still receive these items or use them upon return to in-person instruction.

  14. How will my child take state-required assessments?

    1. If the Ohio Department of Education is requiring assessments, the student will return to the school to take the assessment.  States assessments will not be taken from home. Your child will be notified if needed to take state assessments. 

  15. What do I do if my child is struggling with the online content?

    1. Contact the grade level or subject area teacher.

  16. What if I have internet access issues?

    1. Families will need a solid high speed internet connection to participate in VLA.

    2. If you have internet access issues, you will need to contact your internet provider.

    3. The district will not be providing a hot spot for families.

  17. Will my child receive a district issued device?

    1. Yes, if your family does not have access to a device.  Please contact the District’s IT Department. 

    2. The District is not responsible to resolve technical issues due to problems with personal devices or poor internet connection

  18. What courses are offered for students? 

    1. Students will take courses that align to the district curriculum and course offerings.

    2. Note:  Some electives offered at BC are not available through VLA.  In those situations, elective teachers may use traditional curriculum materials by making those available through Google Classroom and on the District Website (K-4) or Schoology (Grades 5-12).  In some instances, schedule changes may be necessary in middle school and high school. 

  19. How is this different from formal homeschooling?

    1. Formal homeschooling requires approval from the Fairfield County ESC and does not include access to district curriculum and resources.  Homeschooled students are not enrolled BC students. 

    2. VLA is a district provided option and is not considered homeschooling.


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  1. If we choose to start the school year on VLA, can my child still attend open houses?

    1. Yes. VLA students may attend BC events. 

  2. Will my VLA child have access to other school resources and programs?

    1. Yes.  The primary curriculum will be VLA lessons; however, students still have full access to other school curriculum resources.  Teachers may supplement VLA lessons with other district resources (AR, RazKids, Journeys/StudySync, Pearson Math Successmaker, Lexia, etc.)  

  3. If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

    1. General Questions:  Jodi Ranegar, Curriculum Director [email protected] 

    2. Technical Questions”:  Mark Thomas, Instructional Technology Director [email protected] 

    3. Special Education Services: Cindy Freeman, Special Ed Director [email protected] 

    4. Classroom Course work & assignments: Classroom Teacher

    5. Internet Issues:  Your internet provider



  1. If parents choose the VLA option will the student continue to receive special education services?

  1. Yes, the district is required to provide FAPE (Free  Appropriate Public Education) to students currently receiving IEP services.

  1. How will special education services be provided to students currently on an IEP?

  1. Students will be assigned to an intervention specialist and/ or related service provider as indicated on the current IEP.

  2. Communication and collaboration are going to be essential . Parents need to be aware that during a  portion of the school day intervention specialists and related service providers will be working with students attending in person and other students receiving virtual services,  limiting times available for services, With this being said parents will need to make arrangements to have students  available to participate in services once designated service times are provided. Services will be provided  during the contractual/designated school day.

  3. Decisions regarding the student’s services will be based on the decisions made by the IEP team. The team may need to meet to discuss and plan the student’s services under these circumstances.

  4. The district is responsible for abiding by all IEP and ETR timelines. If a student is due for a reevaluation or an annual IEP review,  parents will need to work with the school psychologists/intervention specialists and related services providers to accommodate times for testing required to obtain data needed to assess progress, set new goals, and determine eligibility.



For information regarding the parent and student expectation for VLA, please click on the link below. 

Parent/Student Online Curriculum Option Expectations

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Virtual Learning Academy for the 2020-2021 school year, please click on the link below.  Information will be mailed out the week of August 

Virtual Learning Academy Application