Superintendent's Video Message to the Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Bloom-Carroll High School Class of 2021!

On behalf of our school district and this community, I can say with confidence, we are very proud of each of you for all that you have accomplished and for representing our school district in an exemplary manner. Your class has endured challenges unseen in generations and your response to those challenges is inspiring.  

The coronavirus pandemic certainly impacted your education and experiences in ways we could have never predicted. What we have experienced was new to you and to all adults and educators. State health orders and safety precautions resulted in modified school schedules and missed opportunities. I have been heartbroken that the last year and half of your high school experience has been done so during these trying times. It has not been ideal for any of us. As a school district, we have made every attempt to keep life as normal as possible for you. We wanted to give you a school to go to in-person and programs, activities, and sports to participate in. We wanted to give you an avenue to pursue and discover your talents and passions. We wanted you to build as many positive memories as possible and always be able to look back on your years at Bloom-Carroll High School with pride. Although the sports seasons, music performances, art shows, prom, and your commencement ceremony had to be held in accordance with state health orders, we were still able to find a way to provide these opportunities. Throughout these events, your class once again demonstrated your resilience and adaptability. The Class of 2021 even made history becoming the first BCHS football team to reach the state final four!

There is only one direction to go from here – forward. From a positive perspective, what you have experienced is only going to make you tougher and prepare you for the many great challenges you will face in life. Go forward knowing that we are proud of you and thankful for the years we have spent together. Go make the world a calmer and better place than it is; treat each other with respect and kindness; remember that it is okay to disagree with others without destroying relationships, and be proud of where you come from because we are proud of you. Congratulations and good luck to the Bloom-Carroll High School Class of 2021!

Thank you,

Shawn Haughn


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