VLA Parent/Student Online Curriculum Option Expectations

We know most students do better when they are instructed in-person by teachers; however, we will have a comprehensive K-12 virtual curriculum option available for medically vulnerable students or those with special circumstances.  Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) consists of a comprehensive K-12 curriculum aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

In order to effectively manage the delivery of VLA parents and students must understand the following:

  • VLA, or another online curriculum, cannot fully replicate the learning experience found with in-person teaching.

  • Parents and the students accept additional responsibility in an online (at-home) learning environment.

  • The District expects parents choosing this option for their child to commit to at least a quarter - (nine weeks).  Students should not be switching back-and-forth between online learning and in-person attendance frequently.  This provides for consistency for our teachers and students.

  • Teachers may not be available to assist students as frequently as the online student or their parents may desire.  VLA is a student-led curriculum.  Teachers will be instructing and supervising students in-person within our school buildings.  Teachers may not be available to assist students outside of their contractual work hours.

  • Parents and students should expect up to five (5) days before VLA lessons are available.  Once a choice is made to access learning through the VLA platform there are set-up procedures that need to take place prior to lessons being available.

  • Students must comply with assignment due dates.

  • Students must sign-in electronically to the online learning platform each day Bloom-Carroll Schools are scheduled to be in session to be counted as in attendance.

  • Lessons/assignments may be different for online VLA students than those assigned or provided to students attending in-person instruction; however, the lesson/assignment will address the same concepts and standards of instruction.  Not all District Courses are offered online.

To learn more about VLA please visit the following link https://www.jcesc.k12.oh.us/VLA.aspx

To apply, click on the following link: https://forms.gle/Yp3bkqQD5oELDKXDA

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