Congratulations to the Class of 2022

As the years pass by, it becomes clearer and clearer that each graduating class leaves their unique impact on our school district, and the Class of 2022 raised our high-bar, even higher.

Just like the two graduating classes before you, you have endured the great challenges of a pandemic. Besides your senior year, the last “normal” school year your class experienced was in 2018-2019 – your freshman year. As a school district, we tried to do everything we could possibly do - within the numerous health and safety orders - to ensure your Bloom-Carroll experience involved the same opportunities, or more, than those that came before you. Clearly, the Class of 2022 took advantage of each opportunity and excelled to levels we have never seen before.

This graduating class will be remembered for many reasons. The close-knit family atmosphere you have built with each other is admired. You have put your relationships with each other above all else. This is something you should cherish and maintain as you begin your new journey. Your incredible work-ethic, in and out of the classroom, will prove to be invaluable. Your self-discipline, perseverance, and character showed in everything you touched. During your time at BCHS, you performed at the highest levels by leading us to championships, including multiple final four appearances and a state runner-up. You showed your talents in the arts with amazing musical performances and inspiring artwork. Most importantly, you challenged yourself academically by taking a challenging curriculum. After four years at BCHS, this graduating class has raised the bar for future generations of Bulldogs.
The Class of 2022 is filled with great leaders and I look forward to watching each of you share your special skills with the rest of the world. It has truly been an honor to support you and watch you grow. 

?Congratulations and good luck to the Bloom-Carroll High School Class of 2022!

Thank you,
Shawn Haughn
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