Message from BCHS Counseling Department

Good Afternoon!

A successful start to the next school year begins with a successful registration period this school year. All of us are involved in the registration process which includes: Students, Teachers, Counselors, Parents and Guardians. In order for all parties to work together we have created a timeline of registration events along with general roles for each of us. Please know that the goal here is to provide enough details to create understanding of the entire process and for all parties to work on their part effectively, without getting bogged down with over-information. 

The next component of registration is students attending the during-school-hours Course Preview Day which occurs on Tuesday, March 7th.

We recommend that students be the proverbial drivers of their scheduling. That is not to say “take whatever you want,” but more so drawing focus to the fact that students need to be advocating for themselves, are being conscientious of the information presented and actively play a part with the opportunities that are available. The more students can articulate what they are taking and why, the more ownership they will have over the classes they select. Overall, we recommend taking a quick look at the scheduling timeline, have ongoing scheduling conversations with your student regarding, review course requests with your student, ensure your student feels comfortable and knowledgeable with their selections and reach out to us with any questions you may have.

We very much look forward to working with you all during this registration process and hope you enjoy the information!

Thank you,

Bloom-Carroll High School Counseling Department

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