A Message Regarding Calamity Day Assignments

Children in Snow
Our students have currently missed two days of instruction this school year due to inclement weather. It is impossible to tell what the rest of the winter has in store for us; however, with two more months of winter left, the chances we will face another school cancellation are pretty good. To make up for lost instructional time, districts in Ohio are permitted by law to utilize online assignments or paper copy assignments (“Blizzard Bags”) to make up the equivalent hours of three school days per year. Our Board has authorized the use of calamity day make-up assignments for the 3rd, 5th, and 8th calamity day. Again, at this point, we have only missed two days. If we miss a third day of school, students will be issued a make-up assignment. Students in grades K-4 would be issued “Blizzard Bags” upon their return to school. Middle school and high school students would be issued online assignments through Schoology or “Blizzard Bags” upon their return to school. Students have two weeks from the date of a the school closing for which the lesson is assigned to complete and return the assignment. Principals have communicated with the instructional staff that close attention should be given to the amount of time an assignment takes to complete, and all assignments should enrich or reinforce content closely connected to the subject and grade level standard – it should not be “busy work.”
Additionally information will be communicated from building adminstration and teachers in the event we reach a 3rd, 5th, or 8th calamity day.  Let’s hope for a regular schedule and good weather for the rest of this winter!
Thank you,
Shawn Haughn
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