Check out BC Artists at Artsonia!

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Curious what your child is creating in art class? Would you like their work displayed in a museum for family members to view? If so, check out Artsonia!

Artsonia is a digital art museum where young artists and students from around the world display their art for other children and adults worldwide to view. The Artsonia gallery displays schools and student art projects (grades K-12) in their museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

Bloom-Carroll art teachers use Artsonia to showcase some of our students' artwork in the online art gallery to allow family members and friends the opportunity to view some of their child's artwork online throughout the school year instead of waiting until the spring art show at BC.

Artsonia also allows friends and family to be a part of each student’s "fan club", and provide comments on their artwork and even purchase items from the gift shop with the student artwork.
Twenty percent of each purchase comes back to support the Bloom-Carroll art program. Since the elementary art program began this project in February of 2017, we have raised over $2500!  Outstanding!

In addition, parents are happy to learn that student's artwork does not disappear when your child is no longer in art classes. Students who begin the program in elementary will be able to continue their gallery and portfolio throughout middle school and high school. Parents can even add their own artwork with the app and add to the student gallery.

Our goal is to help each child grow as artists as they improve their skills and take pride in what they have accomplished! 

Please visit the websites below to view some of the amazing creations by our BC artists!

For more information, contact Kim DeKay, Danielle Karnes, or Kristen Sony.
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