Bloom-Carroll Intermediate School
Specials - Third Quarter
Art - Ms. Sony

3rd Grade:
The students are continuing to learn about the elements of art in the third quarter. In January, we are focusing on the Chinese New Year! They are finishing-up discussing FORM by creating their own unique Chinese Zodiac creature out of clay. They will be painting and decorating them as well. The creativity from these students is amazing!

The next element that we will be focusing on is VALUE.  Students will be creating paintings using dark shades and light tints of one color.  They will learn how to mix colors and paint a value scale to prepare for the final product.

4th Grade:
Fourth grade students are also completing projects with the Chinese New Year in January.  They will be focusing on VALUE and painting with watercolor crayons and ink.   They will add to this with some printmaking to create their own Chinese symbol signature. Check for these projects to be on display in February!

Our next project is to work with SPACE. We will be creating positive and negative space pictures using paint and cutting out animal shapes.

In addition, 4th grade will also be having an art club. There was a huge interest with over 60 students so look for big projects coming from them in the near future!

Music - Mrs. Ziegler

3rd Grade:
Students are working on learning the instruments of the orchestra and have now completed the Brass Family.  We will continue with String, Woodwind, & Percussion.  Our goal is to be able to identify the main instruments in each family by sight and sound and group them into the appropriate family. 

We continue to work on singing on pitch, reading and writing music using note values through 16th notes and improving our listening skills.

4th Grade:
Students should all have their recorders by now and be working on learning to play the notes B, A, & G.  We will be working to master these notes in class and continue to learn the notes from middle C to the D above middle C. 

Students will receive their Recorder Karate materials soon and they can begin to master each song and earn a reward belt for doing so.  For each song mastered, they will earn a different color belt.  I am hopeful to have many black-belt students!

After we have mastered the basic notes on our recorders, we will begin working on materials for our Link Up concert in May.  Check out the great materials that you child has received for this concert. 

On March 9, 2017, we will be having Opera Columbus come to present a performance of The Billy Goats Gruff.  Forty of our students will perform as a chorus along with Opera Columbus.  The performance will take place at Wagnall's Memorial. 

Physical Education - Mr. Casperson

In January during Gym class, students will be participating in the "Crunch-Out Obesity" Program.  This programís goal is to teach students different exercises on a fitness ball & encouraging students to eat healthier & become more active.  The program has four very helpful tips that the students are learning...
5 = Amount of servings of fruits and/or vegetables a day.
2 = Hours or less of screen time (TV, computer, cell phone, tablet, gaming system, etc.)
1 = Hour or more of physical activity/exercise a day
0 = Sugary drinks

Starting in February, we will begin our jump-roping unit.  February is "Heart Month" and the students will have the option of trying to raise money for the American Heart Association to win prizes for a great cause! All students will receive information in February.
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