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Fourth Grade Curriculum

Third Quarter

We are so excited to begin our novel, “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowery. This is an historical fiction novel about life in 1943 Copenhagen during the Nazi Occupation. Our objectives include:
•  Describing characters using details from a novel
•  Answering questions about conflict and details in a fictional story
•  Summarizing events in a novel

We will start with factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers.  We then will be working on fractions this quarter. Fractions are an important concept in the fourth grade math curriculum. Topics will include fraction equivalence, ordering fractions and adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators.  Students will also place fractions on a number line and multiply fractions by whole numbers. 

Social Studies
We have finished our study of the American Revolution.  Now, we will discuss how Ohio became a state and some of the democratic ideals in the Northwest Ordinance.  The inability to resolve issues with Great Britain and ongoing conflicts with the American Indians lead us into our unit on the War of 1812.  Students will learn the story of the Star Spangled Banner in this unit.

We will begin our Invention Convention kick off. The students are invited to become inventors and work their way through the scientific method to create original inventions.   We then will move on to states of matter. 
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