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Dear Students and Parents:

The start of the 2016-2017 school year is quickly approaching and we hope that your family has enjoyed the summer months.  The BCHS staff is excited to welcome our students back to school.  We are prepared to challenge our students and provide opportunities for students to be successful both during high school and beyond.  Typically, we would take this opportunity to remind you about how well Bloom-Carroll High School students perform on required standardized State Test; we would bring to your attention that Bloom-Carroll High School consistently stands out among Fairfield County High Schools and is consistently ranked in the top ten high schools in the greater Central Ohio area in regards to our students’ achievement levels.  While outstanding State Report Cards are important, we believe it is more important to be reminded of the “little things” that allow our students and schools to be so successful.

We are fortunate that our excellent schools are a reflection of our excellent community and amazing families.  We live in a community of strong family values and the importance of education is discussed at home and at school.  We honor and recognize our traditions, yet we are always planning for the future.  Our students understand right from wrong and are taught by both parents and teachers to make good decisions; when we make mistakes, we learn from them.  Our students and staff understand the value of, and are expected to demonstrate, mutual respect.  We care about each other and we want to see each student reach their full potential.  Our families, students, and teachers have high academic and behavioral expectations of one another.  We will continue to raise our expectations and ensure that we provide the best educational experience possible with the resources we have available.  These characteristics cannot be found in all schools or in all communities, but these are the “little things” that make BCHS a special place.

As administrators of BCHS and community residents, we feel fortunate to live and work in a community with so many amazing students, families, and teachers.  We wish for our students, parents, and staff to have a rewarding 2016-2017 school year.  If you have questions, concerns, or positive information to share please contact the high school office.

Go Bulldogs!

Shawn Haughn                      

Jan Wisecarver
Assistant Principal
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