Bloom-Carroll High School
Quick News
Bloom-Carroll High School
5240 Plum Road
Carroll, Ohio 43112
P: 740-756-4317 or 614-837-0786
F: 740-756-9525
Student Day: 7:30am - 2:10pm

Shawn Haughn (email)
High School Principal

Jan Wisecarver Jr. (email)
Asst. High School Principal

Connie Berta  (email)
Secretary - Principal's  & Building

Dick Gaulke (email)
High School Guidance, Grades 11-12

Amy Moore (email)
High School Guidance, Grades 9-10

Christine Evans (email)
Secretary - Guidance Office


Bloom-Carroll High School

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We Believe:

In creating a rigorous and compassionate environment to prepare our students for success. In continuing evaluation of staff and students to ensure growth and competency. In providing a safe and non-threatening atmosphere that allows students to thrive. In acknowledging a wide variety of teaching and learning styles and encouraging exploration and creativity within those styles.


We will be a source of pride, inspiration and confidence for students, parents, staff and community, so that Bloom-Carroll High School will not rest on past achievements, but will be vigilant in the pursuit of ongoing achievement and excellence.

Bloom-Carroll - Fight Song


Oh when the Carroll bulldogs fall in line
We're out to win that game another time
And for the team of Carroll we love so well
And for the purple and gold we'll Yell & Yell & Yell
We'll circle in and hit that line right hard,
We'll work and work to get that extra yard
And leave the - (other team)-lying on the side, on the side
Carroll High!

Bloom-Carroll - Alma Mater


These jolly days of priceless worth,
By far the grandest days on earth,
True to friend and frank to foe,
How dearly we love BLOOM-CARROLL HIGH
We shall strive to keep thy name
Of fair rebuke and spotless fame,
Thoughts of thee bid darkness fly,

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